Another T-Mobile Donation to Help the Homeless

T-Mobile in Hampton (Va.) donated phones for our Homeless and those in crisis to use to reach out to their families. Phones will be replenished so that Homeless and those in crisis will be able to use in their job searches at the HELP Day Center. Thank you to another corporate partner that is reaching out “to uplift people in crisis and to help end homelessness”.

Langley Air Force Base Donation

Thank you to the 633rd LRS Material Management Flight at Langley Air Force Base for their generous donation of boots. Awesome! God is good!!!

T-Mobile Phone Donation

T-Mobile is donating phones for folks to connect with family that cannot attend the New Year’s Eve Party. Thanks T-MOBILE!!!!

Bedding Donation

Ft. Eustis Warrant Officers Johnson and Grant delivering bedding from decommissioned barracks for HELP Family Shelter and transitional houses to Lanetta Davis, HELP Family Shelter Manager.

Thanks to Community Presbytarian

Thank you to Community Presbyterian for hosting the Fall Gathering of Presbyterian Women and providing an opportunity for H.E.L.P. to present a workshop on “H.E.L.P. is Coming to Your Community”.

Thanks to Wells Fargo and Hampton Baptist Church

Volunteers from Wells Fargo partner with H.E.L.P. at the Saturday Bag Lunch Ministry. Hampton Baptist Church was the host this Saturday and 100 bag lunches will be delivered to Lincoln Towers to serve those hungry and in need of lunch. Every Saturday at 4 different sites, bag lunches are prepared by volunteers to feed the hungry and homeless in the community. Thank you to Wells Fargo and Hampton Baptist Church for your participation this Saturday. Together we all make a difference in our community. Relief, Rehabilitation and Development.

H.E.L.P. Receives Awesome Donation

Just received an awesome donation from Langley Christian Church and the Fox Hill Community 5K Run. The race day netted just over $900 to benefit H.E.L.P. and those we servce together. THANKS Matt Scott and Langley Christian Church and all those that participated in the community to make the event a great one! You guys are amazing.

Book Bag Donations

Lanetta Davis, HELP Director of Community Affairs, receives book bags for school children from Officer Gordon (HPD). Hampton Police Department collected and donated the book bags.

Ft. Eustis Commissary Donates Bottles Water

H.E.L.P. traveled to the Ft. Eustis Commissary where we were greeted by Cynthia Forman. Cynthia generously donated 24 cases of bottled water to help stock the H.E.L.P. Mobile Cooling Center. Whether in Hampton, in Newport News, at Ft. Eustis…H.E.L.P. is Coming to Your Community. We are so grateful to our supporters that give so unselfishly and help us support those in need.

Street Church Donation

Donation of Backpacks, sleeping bags, flashlights and personal hygiene items. Thank you Street Church and Pastor Steve